Personal Information Born on: October 28 1968 Personal Data: female, married, two children Nationality: Italian Residence: Trento, Italy Personal: +39-347-7034409 Office: +39-346-0004418 Professional Activities Nov-08 – now Artistic Director – Tutti nello stesso piatto - Festival Internazionale di Cinema Cibo & VideoDiversità organized by Mandacarù Onlus. Responsibility includes supervising the staff member and volunteers in charge of film selection, organization of events and screenings program. Relations with the local and national press. Fundraising towards banks, foundations, local government and other institutions. May-03 - now Manager - Education for Development and Communication - Cooperativa Mandacarù, Trento – Includes organizing and managing staff and volunteers for events on the topic of fair trade for the general public (conferences, events and food-events on fair trade products, tv/radio/press etc.) and educational activities in schools (from primary to high school). Fundraising from banks, foundations, local and national government.
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